Advice for Aurora Roof Repair: Underlayment

Is your Aurora home’s roof in need of repair? If this is the case, numerous aspects must be considered, one of which is the roofing underlayment. It is vital to be prepared for all of the rain, wind, snow, and hail we receive here in Colorado.

What is the significance of roof underlayment?

Roofing underlayment protects your property from wind-driven rain and rising humidity. Local city rules specify where underlayment is required, but if you want to truly safeguard your property, you should consider putting it on other portions of the roof as well.

Cooking, bathing, and washing clothes all create heat and moisture in the house. The majority of the damp air is drawn into the attic by exhaust fans and released outdoors through attic vents. The remaining heat rises and is absorbed by building materials and your roof deck.

Home in Aurora, CO, that needs roof repairs.

Some of the heated moisture escapes completely through the asphalt roofing, while the rest is trapped between the roof deck and the asphalt shingle. This continual dampness might wreak havoc on the wood roof deck. This is where roofing underlayment comes in to help protect your roof by serving as a vapor barrier. It also provides additional protection against wind-driven rain that may build beneath asphalt shingles.

Previously, felt roofing underlayment was regarded to be an effective technique to protect a roof from the elements. Technological advancements have paved the way for synthetic underlayments like GAF’s Tigerpaw waterproof barrier, which is meant to aid in ventilation and extend the life of your roof.

Underlayment Synthetic

When installing a new roof, synthetic underlayment outlasts traditional roofing felt and provides extra benefits such as greater water tightness and traction control. For metal roofs or shingles projected to last more than 20 years, synthetic underlayment is strongly recommended.

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