How Your Roof Affects Insurance Claims

Did you know that when you file an insurance claim on your roof that the claims adjuster will evaluate more than just the damages that led you to file that claim? While roof damages that result from a sudden accident or mother nature are usually covered by your homeowner’s policy, the condition of your roof can greatly affect your insurance claim and how much the insurance company is willing to reimburse you.

Although the reasons for filing an insurance claim on a roof can vary, the most typical reasons for claims in Denver are storm or water damage. It could be assumed that these types of damages would be covered under your homeowner’s policy, but the condition of your roof plays a big role in determining what will be covered.

Let’s take a look at the key factors of a roof that can affect insurance claims:

  • Age of roof – The age of your roof system is probably the greatest determining factor for insurance companies when evaluating a claim. A roof that is 20 years old, or more, will likely be excluded from coverage, regardless of the damages incurred.
  • Wear and tear – If your roof is gradually deteriorating due to wear and tear, your insurance company will be hard pressed to cover the full expense of a roof replacement.
  • Lack of maintenance – Neglect is a common reason for claims being denied. When there is evidence that the roof has not been maintained, it makes it easy for the insurance company to place the blame on you.

To ensure that your claim gets approved, it is essential to keep records of any maintenance and repair services performed. Inspection reports, before-and-after photos, and receipts are evidence that you have been proactive in properly maintaining your roof. And the sooner you notify your insurance company about roof damages, the better!

Property owners are responsible for having their roof inspected, maintained, and repaired. Hiring a professional, licensed roofing contractor to perform annual roof inspections is the first step to making certain any issues are quickly addressed and properly corrected.

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