How to De-ice Your Roof

How to De-ice Your Roof

Colorado winters can bring a lot of snow and ice, and when it builds up on a home’s roof, it can pose real problems. Excessive snow and ice can lead to leaks and roof damage, especially when it lingers, so it’s important to clear frozen water from your roof to avoid roof injuries and costly repairs.

Contrary to popular belief of some roofing companies, it is not recommended that hot water be used to melt snow and ice off the roof. While this method of de-icing a roof might offer a temporary solution, once the water is met with cooler temperatures, it will likely freeze over the existing ice, exacerbating the problem.

The best approach for de-icing a roof and preventing damages is to contact a professional roofing company who can tackle this issue both safely and efficiently, but there are some do-it-yourself alternatives to mitigate the problem.

Snow Rakes

A snow rake, or roof rake, is much like a shovel that is specifically designed for scraping snow and ice off a roof. A snow rake might not completely de-ice the roof, but it’s a practical tool that can be used to mitigate excessive build-up.

Chemical De-icers

Though chemical de-icers aren’t intended for large areas, they can work really well in melting ice build-up. When choosing to de-ice your roof with chemicals, keep in mind that some can be highly corrosive and cause extensive roof damage. Avoid cheap chemicals, or those that contain Sodium Chloride and Calcium Chloride, and use in moderation.

Heat Cables

Heat cables are preventative tools used to prevent ice build-up, not remove it. They are designed to create channels that allow water to drain from the roof. Heat cables are electric and can be installed over parts of the roof that aren’t insulated, such as the garage, eaves, or gutters. If you decide to take this approach, check reviews because there are several options from which to choose.

After any large snowfall or freeze, keep an eye on your roof and any signs that could indicate damage. Most residential roofing systems are designed to let snow slide off, but commercial properties with flat roofs are at greater risks, especially when snowfall creates heavy accumulation. In any case, staying diligent is your best option.

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