Assessing Storm Damage – The Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

Hail and windstorms are prevalent in Northern Colorado and are a common cause of roof injuries for property owners throughout the Denver Metro area. A roofing system affected by storm damage can lead to more serious issues, therefore, having a professional roof inspection performed is necessary to ensure that any repair needs are quickly addressed.

All Around Roofing & Exteriors offers professional roof inspections for residential and commercial clients in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our roofing contractors are qualified in roof maintenance, repairs, and installation services, regardless of roofing application, and provide quality roofing solutions you can trust.

Maintaining a roof’s integrity can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your greatest investment. At All Around Roofing & Exteriors, our professional roof inspections are the first step in proper roof maintenance, and offer significant benefits for residential and commercial property owners, especially when it comes to assessing storm damage.

Identify Water Damage

A thorough inspection of the roofing system will help to identify water damage that might not be easily detected. While wet or stained ceilings are obvious signs of water leaks, the more inconspicuous leaks require a professional with a trained eye who can recognize and correct the issue before it results in major damage and costly repairs.

Extends Roof Life

Routine roof inspections and preventative maintenance are the greatest way to extend your roof’s lifespan. Yearly inspections and early detection of potential problems allow for minor repairs versus early replacement of your roof, saving you money in the long run.


According to the CDC, more than 500,000 injuries and 300 deaths occur each year from ladder falls in the U.S. alone. Hiring a certified roofing contractor for a professional roof inspection will eliminate any risks associated with falling off a ladder or roof, keeping you or your loved ones safe.

Easier Insurance Claims

A professional roof inspection offers a detailed assessment of storm damage, or other injuries, to your roofing system, along with recommendations and estimates for repairs, simplifying the insurance claim process.

Cost Effective

When you consider the costs associated with structural damage, mold and mildew removal, or extensive water damages that can occur when a roof is compromised, a professional roof inspection performed annually is the most cost-effective approach to keeping your property protected.

At All Around Roofing & Exteriors, we understand the importance of protecting your greatest investment. Assessing storm damage through a professional roof inspection provides peace of mind knowing that any issues will be quickly addressed, preventing unnecessary damages and expense in the future.

If you live in Denver or the neighboring communities and need the expertise of a trusted roofing contractor for a professional roof inspection, roof maintenance, roof repairs, or new roof installation, contact the roofing specialists at All Around Roofing & Exteriors. When it comes to storm damage, we nail it!